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netkit FTP 0.17 | wget 1.9.1 | hdparm 1.9.1 | netio 1.23 | ez-ipupdate 3.0.11 | lsof 4.47 | GNU Midnight Commander (mc) 4.1.40-pre9 | unRAR 3.51 | PHP4 | NTP 4.2.0 | 7za (7-Zip port for Linux) 4.42 | socat |

Here you can find some additional tools I compiled for the M740AV. Use them on your own risk! A suitable firmware like Lemmi's is needed.

netkit FTP

A FTP client. Sourcecode at

wget 1.9.1

Wget is THE file transfer utility. Everyone knows it, everyone needs it. Mehr dazu gibt es unter

hdparm 6.1

hdparm is a tool to configure IDE/ATA hdd. Since the M740AV uses USB drives (which are handled as SCSI devices), this tool is not very usefull for it. Source is avaible from

netio 1.23

Netio is a network benching programm. It works as a client-server application. Two computers runing netio are needed to benchmark a Network. Sourcecode is avaible from

ez-ipupdate 3.0.11

ez-ipupdate is a small tool for updating your DynDNS Hostname. Sourcecode and documentation can be found on the official homepage at Howto run ez-ipupdate on your M740 is discribed in this and also in this thread from the forum, unfortunately only in German. You need a fully functional DNS for your Box!

lsof 4.47 (LiSt Open Files)

lsof list all open files on your system. Since (in Linux) everything is a file, it shows a lot even running on a M740AV. Sourcecode and manual pages are avaible from

GNU Midnight Commander (mc) 4.1.40-pre9

mc is a command line file manager. I used an older fork, which can be found at Please log in as user r, p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,u1 or u2 since only these have writable home directories (which is needed by mc). A module for parsing .crid files (created by a firewall prior to 2.03.15) is included. download: (.tar.bz2-Archiv)

unRAR 3.51

Compiled unRAR. Source comes from the official WinRAR homepage at


Working version of php 4.4.0 - it even runs as CGI from the busybox-httpd included in various Lemmi-FW! If possible please read this posting (it's in german) from the forum.

NTP 4.2.0

The compiled reference implementation found at You have to use absolut paths in order to get it up.

7za (7-Zip port for Linux) 4.42

Since the build-in unzip command is not uncompressing every file (like a zip-file with the newest Lemmi-FW), I compiled 7za for the M740AV. download: (komprimiert, ca.440kB)
download: (unkomprimiert, ca.2225kB)


socat ("netcat on crack") is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels.

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